Metals & Nosings

Metal Door Plates, Wood Thresholds & Nosings

Door Plates & Nosings are unfortunately required for the majority of homes & work places. Again they are often forgotten about. In this modern world we live in, door plates have come along light years from the standard plates. You can get such a variety to which you will get a door plate to fit just about every single job.

From a standard cover plate to a "z" edge dual plate. Ramp edges, extra wide plates, laminate wood plates. Brass, aluminium, solid brass, chrome plated. There’s something for everyone and every job.


Stair nosings are the same, variety of colours, types, sizes. We again will survey the area required and find the most suitable for the desired job. If it's something that is a little different then it can be made to measure. No job is too big, or small.