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Carpet Foundation & TSI Approved Code

Wilton Carpets

Who would you trust fo fit your New Flooring?

Your in safe hands with us

Only Trust Genuine Registered Retailers who Comply with The Carpet Foundation & TSI Approved

We are registered specialist retailer and our selling practices have been approved by the office of fair trading. This guarantees you: Expert and impartial advice no sales patter, Just sound advice written terns of business so you know where you stand. Written quotations so no nasty surprises with an invoice.
Extenuated guarantees from all manufactures. Cancellation of orders on reasonable grounds.
Approved problem solving procedures on the rare case something goes wrong. Free conciliation.
Low cost arbitration. Compliance to the code is independently monitored.

Call for further information or please visit The Carpet Foundation Website to Check us Out

We are also approved members Independ Inspections Ltd. Who are the leading insurance company for replacement flooring and furniture. You can use us with confidence knowing that your flooring is in the safest possible hands.


As an approved ARN member you can use us to purchase your replacement flooring at no cost to you.

Wilton Carpets