Carpet & Furniture Removal

Furniture, Removals & Disposal of Old Flooring & Door Cutting Services

While we really aren't furniture removal men, we do realise that many people are unable to lift and move furniture.

All we ask is if you are fit and healthy it does make our jobs much easier if rooms can be clear, not only for the simple factor that your new flooring will be fitted correctly, but if empty nothing can be damaged in the process.

Door Cutting

We are flooring fitters not joiners, however sometimes there is the need to cut doors as carpets & underlays can be very thick. We can recommend a few local reliable tradesman if you haven't got your own or we can plain and cut the bottom of your doors if you are struggling to get a joiner. There is a small charge for this time consuming job, as you can imagine we can spend more time taking off a door and cutting it than actually fitting your new flooring.

But we do realise how hard it also is and expensive to get a joiner to come and do a small job. Again when we come and estimate the job we can advise on your doors and give you time to arrange a joiner if required.

Think saving money and the environment, you’re doing your bit to help.

Wilton Carpets

However if you are unable to move furniture our men will be happy to move anything that you are struggling with. All we ask is if you can clear any breakables and valuable items such as ornaments, photos, china etc. Our men will do the rest. For disposal of old flooring; here at Wilton Carpets Hawick we are very green on the environment. We are SEPA registered and are a registered carrier to remove and dispose of waste. We offer the service of uplifting and taking away your old flooring for a small charge. If however you are able to uplift and dispose of yourself then this is greatly appreciated to us and also speeds up the process in which we can fit your flooring.

With all this in mind, we can also bag up the rubbish and leave it for your bin men to collect. If we cut up and bag correctly then this is completely free of charge to you, and there is no problems with the council bin men collecting this.

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