Comfort Begins Before The Carpet.

Wilton Carpets

Underlay is one of the most important decisions you can make.
Because of this, it is often overlooked and forgot about and people often scrimp on an underlay.

Strangely enough underlay is as important as the carpet you are purchasing. Underlays range from rubberised to poly urethane (P.U) they start at 5mm and go to around 12mm normally each underlay is very different in its density and tog value. Some would think the thicker the better but this is not always the case. The density is the important factor and can make a huge difference to the wear of your new flooring.

Only quality underlays are sold by us. We won't resort to the cheaper inferior "B" grade underlays on the market. They simply aren't worth putting on the floor.

At Wilton Carpets Hawick we provide a massive range of quality underlays at the best budget price, to the most luxurious underlay. We personally guide you to what we think is the most suitable underlay for the purpose of your flooring. We only stock brand names from:

ball & young

  • ball & young

  • cloud 9

  • carpenter

  • interfloor tredaire

  • Soft Step

  • Wilton Carpets
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Wilton Carpets

We also offer our own brand cheaper alternative underlay for those looking for cash & carry and for land lord specials.

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